Ever got the urge to get started on a new regime, eat healthy and start exercising?

You go well for 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, and then suddenly results start slowing or stopping.

Or maybe even at the start, you just can’t get started.

Nothing you are doing is getting any change at all!

Well here we have composed a list of things that stall fat loss and ultimately can hinderance your progress.

1. Nipping out for lunch – Popping out for lunch, being away from the house and being left with poor food choices will damage your results. Of course not everyone once in a while, but if your continuously getting caught out, then expect battle to commence of temptations and old habits. If your not prepared, then the choice gets taken out of your hands.

2. Not eating enough – I know it makes sense… eat less weigh less BUT this is not always the case. Starving the body is not the way forward. Skipping meals, avoiding breakfast is not the key to fat loss. Be aware… there is a big difference here between someone who is cutting down on FOODS to achieve fat loss than someone who is cutting down on FOOD for fat loss. Ever thought that your eating hardly anything and still staying the same? Be careful.

3. The hidden baddies – these things lurk in all of the things we think small doses of, sauces, health bars, snacks, protein powders. These are the things that we perceive to be ok, but don’t really check up on. I only use this sauce, or have so much sauce, or eat this. Telling you straight.. there most probably packed with sugars. Keep an eye on what you are eating, and don’t eat something if you don’t know whats in it!

4. Your skinny latte – You go out with a friend or work for a coffee a few times a week. Any thing else? now…. this is where your left wide open, stood with a mound of cakes, treats, added creams to choose from. You say no, well done. Is this a large? yes go on….. uh oh. Yes it can be a treat, but just be careful you realise this and it doesn’t go un noticed. And also… ordering a skinny, doesn’t mean you then have the chance to smash the cake section in.

5. The Dreadmill – Exercise is vital for fat loss, well the right type is. Anything that will involve resistance, or HIIT/intervals session is far more better than the old treadmill for 30 minutes, bike for 30 minutes and then some machines. Avoid the treadmill for long periods of time and mix up your training.

6. Understanding food groups – Understand why you should eat carbs for fat loss, understand how they make you feel, what they do to your results. The same with fats, oils, proteins. Don’t just do it because others do it. IF you don’t understand why you are doing it, or know what result it is going to get you, then don’t do it!

7. Lack of results – Listen, do not beat yourself up. If you do that, your going to get bad results, Fact. And then its your own fault. Keep going, try new things, look at what it is you want to achieve and re asses where you are.

8. Acceptance – This is huge. REALISE THAT AT SOME POINT, SOMEWHERE, YOU MAY FALL OFF TRACK. THIS IS NORMAL! Just accept its happened, and move on. Or of course keep binging and stay off track and then complain that it never worked ( please don’t do that )

9. Water is essential – Work out your bodyweight in kg and then times it by 0.033 to get your water level. DO NOT forget to take into account when you exercise, this needs to be higher. bodyweight kg x 0.033 = water intake daily.

10. Stop blaming others and do the work – Most of the time people are not accountable for their own actions. Yes its not going to be dead easy, but do the work and reap the rewards.

11.Last point – muscle does not weigh more than fat. 1 kg of bullshit weighs the same as 1kg dust 🙂

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