2009-03-20 21.27.5612 things the Army taught me…

There is certain ‘things’ you just can’t pick up anywhere else in life, no matter how many courses, webinars, meetings, events, coaches you go to/have.

All of these things relate back to civvi life kind of, almost in the same way, just slightly different, and maybe not as strange.

Here’s 12 things that i took away and still stick with me today and still do. ( just haven’t got baby face any more

1 – Routine. Routine is key in anything and everything. Having a structure and something to get done will always be vital in anything you do. Whether its planning your meals, planning your workload for the week, sorting childcare, just knowing what is coming up and when you are going to do it.

2 – Planning. These top 2 are bigguns, knowing what you need to do, and how to do it gives you more clarity, helps you see things easier and just generally takes away all the stress, the struggle to sleep a decent nights sleep, not wasting time in the gym just going on the treadmill because you haven’t planned your workout.

3 – Preparation/ being ‘over ready’. Being 1 step ahead just incase things don’t go to plan helps physically and mental. Being 1 step ahead fitness wise, if its for a event, life, with children. Knowing that incase you need to be X, then you can carry it out.

4 – Support – Having a group behind you, having friends to push you along, noticing who is giving support and who needs support. This is something that can’t be described, its just weird, the friendships you build in civvi life are 100% completely different than the ones you build in ‘Army life’, just weird, but then again a lot of them were weird 🙂 weird attracts weird 🙂 ( southies mainly)
Having a support network with you, someone you feel you can’t let down and makes you work that little bit harder.

5 – Enjoyment. I know you see a motivational picture about 150 times a day about enjoying what you do, you only get one life blah blah. But you need to enjoy things, maybe not everything straight away. When you are not enjoying something, this is when you fall off track, get in a rut and start going backwards.

6 – Clean shaven is definitely better than a beard….. 🙂

7 – Morale / Being grateful. You can be anywhere in the world doing anything, its just what you make of it that counts. The amount of ‘fun’, laughter and basically pissin around has come from some of the shittest conditions.

8- If your woke up for stag, play dead.

9 – Other people taking the hit. Do your actions or your lack of actions affect others? Is your health having a affect on your family friends as well as yourself? It is only you, you are responsible for your shit,( getting your shit in order) and thats it. if you don’t do something then someone else could cop the consequences.

10 – Make things fun/ different. Like the enjoyment, you will stick at things longer and do more of it if its fun. ’Scummin’ someone is sometimes one of the funniest things to do. ( not recommended )

11 – Always, Always start a food fight at a Christmas dinner. No explanation needed.

12 – When times are tough. Never ever, EVER eat biscuit browns. Things will never be this tough. They are definitely not buckshee either.

These all adapt to civvi life/ health/fitness/work life/ social life everything, just in a slightly different way.

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