Things can be tough when your starting out, knowing what to eat, how to eat it and also, what the best quality products are.

Im going to make things super simple and tell you 5 items you should always have in your kitchen to make sure your never cut short.

1 – Oil to cook with. Coconut oil is the big product at the minute everyone is raving about, but if you don’t like to use coconut oil, then you can always opt for olive oil. Both of these are the better options, but just be aware of the amount of coconut oil you use. A big serving could be high in calories. Opt for a small tea spoon to add to your pan, to put over vegetables when grilling or even to drop into a smoothie. You find coconut oil pretty cheap now, often in Aldi or Lidl and is still good quality.

2 – Herbs and spices. Always have a area to store different herbs or a drawer to keep them in. When making chilli’s, curry’s, soups, stews, these become really useful to help give flavour, but also to add in some great vitamins and nutrients you wouldn’t always be able to get in your foods. Cinnamon, saffron, fenugreek, thyme, basil, paprika etc.

3 – Dark chocolate and snacks. This is important, a lot of people have a snacking cupboard which is always packed with crap. How about we had a little stash of go to goodies that were good for us? This way the temptation to fall off track is less and you can still get your sweet tooth craving sorted. Things like Dark chocolate, rice cakes, health bars.

4 – A good water source. Now either buying bottled water or purchasing a water filter would sort you out. Drinking clean water is vital for our insides, but gut health and also for those who suffer with thyroid issues. Feel free to add in some fruits, berries, cucumbers, lemons, limes or mint into the water to give it some more flavour. If your unsure on how much water you should be drinking then use this basic formula…… bodyweight in kgs x 0.033 = the amount in litres you should be aiming for a day. Here’s a Water filter i would recommend.

5 – Slow Cooker. This little beauty is a life saver. If your short on time, not the best cook or have lots to feed, then this is your answer. You can pick one of these bad boyz up for around £20. Basically you throw some meat, veg, stock or sauce in there and leave it on while you go to work. Benefits? well, when you get home its good to go, now rushing round trying to make something or plan. There is always left overs so for the next day take it to work or have it for another meal. Saves time, money and effort and leaves your house smelling great!
Here is a few different options for slow cookers.

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