Yes thats right, im being like every other ‘PT’, coach, trainer or whatever, and say about this year could be your year with health and fitness! ( sound like a Liverpool fan!)

Only, I’m about to give you advice to not hit it hard, to not completely change everything, to not go and join a gym straight away.

Over the last couple of years I have watched gyms fill up, empty, fill up empty.

Even my own diary would have the same pattern ( until i changed a few things)

The wierd thing was that While i was in the gyms, everyone always used to complain about December being hard, working for January etc

Yet December was just the same for me, sometimes better.

I strongly believe it is down to one thing, and its the complete opposite of what everyone is going to do come January.

Picture it…

2nd January comes round ( your hungover on the 1st), and you decide right im going to do this, do that, join this gym, stop eating this.

Now thats ace, really well done for deciding that.

But how big of a change is that?

To just say thats it, and hit it 100% ?

Im going to cut out the beer, stay clean and eat well… (until someones birthday, party, night out come around)

For me, its just not practical.

You will get huge results doing it this way, lets say 12 weeks of doing this, you will get big big changes.

But once you need to go out for a meal, night out with friends, then all this goes out the window and then you find it so so hard to get back into the swing of things.

My simple advice is this

Take 1 step at a time.

Decide what it is what you want to achieve first, not what your going to do.

Then step by step start introducing things.

Allow for nights out and meals out.

Doing it this way is going to keep you on track for much much longer!

Instead of going 100% why not allow the odd night out here and there so this way you are not starving yourself of things, encouraging cravings and ultimately falling off the wagon before you hit March!

All of our clients go out, eat takeaways.

But they also know exactly what they want, what they need to do to get there, it needs to be enjoyable.

If your on a fad diet at the minute, ask yourself, are you enjoying it? are you missing this or that?

Use this advice and it will keep you on track a lot lot longer.

Or of course, you can hit it hard, cut out everything, join gyms and do a drastic change straight away.

But thats up to you.

It needs to be


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