I really want this post to improve your relationships with weigh-in days.

It would be amazing if we could PERFECTLY predict exactly how much weight you will lose each week, and also implement this consistently.

The REALITY is that even if you follow our advice absolutely to the millimetre, and stay perfectly on track 100% of the time, your body will STILL show fluctuations in weight.

There are many possible reasons for this >>>

-Salt intakes (Retaining more fluid)
-Hydration (The more hydrated you are, the more you weigh)
-Glycogen Stores (If you replenish glycogen stores, this enhances physical activity and recovery, but adds to total body weight)
-Digestive Tract (Different foods take longer to digest- hanging around in your digestive track longer, and adding more weight)
-Hormones (Around the ‘time of the month’ many ladies find fluctuations in body weight)

and many more.

Understand that weight is ONLY useful when investigated over a longer period of time, for example, over 3 weeks or more.

Let’s say you lose 2lb that week in actual body fat…
Let’s say on the weight-in day you’re super hydrated…
You consume and retain just over a Litre of water…

The SCALES on this week will show that you have MAINTAINED your weight.

Whereas in reality, you’ve lost 2lb body fat, and increased fluid content of the body by 2lb.

If you didn’t know that this is actually a very good result, you’d be pulling your hair out right?

All that hard work and 0lb loss this week on the scales??!!!
*Throws scales out the window*

The above is a poor relationship with your results. This needs to change team.

If you measure your weight over 3+ weeks and there is no change, there is likely something within your nutrition/exercise that needs to be tweaked.

If you have one or even 2 weeks without a result, this does NOT necessarily mean that you have not had fantastic results in your body composition during this time!

Please remember this.

Next time you step on the scales, and you see a gain of a lb or maintenance- Chill.

Wait another week or 2, and you’ll likely see another step in the right direction on the scales before long.

If not,

Still- Chill.

Reach out and you will have the necessary tweaks offered to you to continue with success from there.

Either way you win.

Either way, more importantly, there is no need for a negative association with your results!

The REALITY of weight loss is often very different to how people PLAN for their journey to go…

As you can see in the graph above, this imaginary person has had FANTASTIC results over an 11 week period.

But what happens more often than not, is at POINT 1 and POINT 2 on the graph, people completely flip out and go haywire!

When over the course of 11/12/13/14+ weeks, this is COMPLETELY normal.

During this time for this imaginary person, the AVERAGE weight loss per week is just over 1.2lb – excellent results.

Don’t let those fluctuation, that are likely down to something that is out of your control as described above, affect you in any way.

It’s completely normal 🙂

Hope this helps you understand in more depth about how the weighing process works, and help you be happier along this amazing journey!

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