Truth – Our clients don’t get results.


I’ve been thinking.

I always tell you how well things are going with clients, give you advice, share stories with you.

Because we do get fantastic results, but its not overnight.

But what i haven’t done is tell you about the results that we don’t get.

Everyday isn’t a rainbow full of happiness and positive thinking.

Not just for me, but for our members as well.

You see the success stories on our website, you see our before and afters, but we never show you what goes on day to day and the things that maybe are not going so well.

I personally don’t stick to eating well all the time.

Our members don’t.

We have worked with people and still are who are not at their end results yet, we have people who have actually gone backwards since starting with us.

Its not the case that they join us, put a little bit of effort in and then get results.

We work hard on all our members and closely to monitor their progress, and then help them with what they are struggling on.

Some of our members have picked up injuries along the way, had issues flare up and other things.

So i don’t want you to think that its always plain sailing and people are ‘doing better than you’ as its sometimes said.

Life happens, work gets in the way, life happens.

What happens when people are not getting results?

Then we bring people in, we get help, we try to find a solution to that issue.

That is why on our team we have included a sports therapist, holistic therapist and also a nutritionist on board to cover all aspects.

So yeah, don’t think that for one second that everything is always smiley smiley, we work hard behind the scenes making sure they are getting what they deserve.

But one thing they have done is start.

The toughest part most of the time is taking the step and getting started.

Once you’ve taken the step, your more committed, your more motivated, you are just generally more excited about things as you know that at some point along this journey you are on, you will get the happiness back you always wanted.

The question is…. are you ready to overcome the fear, the self doubt to make the first step?

If you think you are, click here and one of our helpful team will be in touch with you very soon.

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