How to Juggle a Busy Work and Family Life and Eat Healthy Too.

Be honest, how often do you have that feeling when you get to 2pm in the afternoon and have to start thinking of what to make for tea for the family tonight? How often is it tempting to just grab a pizza or a takeaway on the way home to give yourself more free time in the evening?
So, if you’re trying to stick to eat healthy, save yourself time and have more family time, especially in the evenings, try these tips:
Plan your meals ahead.

On a Sunday (or whatever day suits you best) plan your weekly meals. Get everyone involved in this, that way they know what’s happening too and they have have no excuse not to help out if you’re held up in work, in traffic or have had a particularly hectic day!
Make a list!

As you plan your weekly menu, make a shopping list so that you can shop for all of the ingredients that you need, this way you’re not rushing out for things for your recipes.
Take Stock!

Before you plan your menu and buy more food in, check what’s in your freezer and cupboards first, make it easy on yourself and use up what you already have in.
Be Prepared!

Prepare what you can when you have time. Chop veg, prepare a salad, or even throw everything in the slow cooker in the morning so it’s all ready when you get home.
Take One Step at a Time

If all of this seems overwhelming, start by planning 2 meals in advance, focus on planning for your busiest evenings and monitor how much easier your evening becomes.
Cook in Bulk

Don’t be tempted to pile any leftover food onto your plate. Stick with your portion sizes and freeze any leftovers to make it easier on yourself another time.
Keep it Fun

Have themed nights, Italian, Japanese, Thai…involve everyone.

Planning might seem like a chore on top of all of the other things that you have to sort out on a daily basis. But with some planning, preparation and family collaboration you can make things easier on yourself and give you back some of your evening, every evening!

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