Lets be honest, its everywhere nowadays, adverts for slimming pills, people on Facebook adding you and then messaging you to try and sell you there products.

Everywhere you look there is some form of advert for weight loss, or the person sat smiling with a six pack holding a protein bar.

The way the world works at the minute we are sometimes pushed into looking for quick fixes, even doctors giving out slimming pills!

But what does a ‘quick fix’ do to you and the way you think?

It would be great if there were just magic wands you could wave and get everything you want.

This isn’t the case at all ( no shit)

Not only do you not learn anything when doing a quick fix, you also change the way you think about this, so when you head into something else in your life you will be programmed to think of something short term.

Sometimes we see people who have no idea what it is they want to achieve because they have never been able to sustain anything, so there just looking for something instant, that is easy and going to get them quick, short term results.

Ive recently had a shoulder injury and this got me thinking as to what happened last time i did this.

Less than a week after i dislocated my shoulder i was back doing things normally again which is crazy.

I can’t believe i even wondered why it kept dislocating.

This time I’ve done it, but its taking over 6 weeks because i have realised one thing.

If i want results that are going to last, i have to play the longer game.

Sort it 100% this time and rush things or just look at the quick fix.

Last time the quick fix cost me a operation and lots of damage.


Because i couldn’t be arsed to do things the right way and to be honest didn’t really know what i was doing when i did it.

This time I’m determined to look at the bigger picture and not sacrifice my time further down the line.

This is the same as diets, routines, fads etc.

People start them, rush them, and then don’t continue them.

When will the time be right just to put a end to this?

Action step… Find out what it is you actually want.

Is it the holiday by, or is it just having that all year round and the confidence that goes with it?

Don’t plan short term and avoid fad diets!

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