It wouldn’t be January without talking about diets, right?

Here are the biggest mistakes I’ve seen so far this year, and what you can look out for to be the healthiest person in Deeside 🙂

Hitting it hard, going ‘clean’ has been one of the biggest slip up points so far in January.

Trying to banish all your habits and instantly create new ones that are pretty hard to keep is going to get you a fast track pass to falling off the wagon.

Don’t commit to doing something 100% and not allowing the things you like. Restricting yourself will heap more pressure on you when times get tough and you want to cave in. Whats really important here is that if you do cave in then thats absolutely fine, it happens to the best of us and will happen again at some point.

So, what to do….

Find something you enjoy both food and exercise wise. If your starting from absolute scratch then great, start with the basics by picking 1-2 small changes and working on them.

Don’t worry about any others, just get your attention and focus nailed down on these 2 points until they stick and become second nature.

Then guess what? You pick 1-2 more.

Adding these simple (but highly effective points, do not under estimate then) points will make things more enjoyable, put less stress on you and just ease the whole pressure we seem to put on our selves when starting up.

Here is some super simple starting points for you….

1- Keep hydrated – we all know about it, but do we do it each day?
2 – Eating 3 times a day – There is more people under eating than over eating i would say
3 – Trying to have minimum 2-3 portions of veggies a day.

Or of course you hit it 100mph and get rid of everything, go extreme and last for 4 weeks whilst not enjoying any of it.

Working on being flexible and aiming for a 80/20 split will give you a lot more freedom.

Find a balance that leaves you energised, sleeping well and feeling bloody fantastic and stick with it!

But feel free to enjoy some naughties 🙂

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