Here is your go to snacking bible for whenever you feel the need a healthy snack or have cravings and are unsure on what to have…

We want to give you an extensive list so no matter how many things you don’t like, there is also plenty you do like.




Dips – Salsa, yoghurt, tzatziki, Guacamole, hummus.

Frozen smoothies

Protein drinks

Health bars

Ryvita’s and cucumber/Philadelphia

Cracker breads

Oat cakes

Rice cakes

Snack a Jacks

Pop corn

Veggie crisps


Dried Veggies

Cold meats

Raw foods – cut up cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, celery, spring onion, carrot


Baked chickpeas

Dark chocolate

Boiled eggs

Home made pancakes – Egg,banana, oats

Nut butters – almond, peanut, cashew

Egg muffins

Pots of jelly

Dark chocolate almond milk



Dried fruit


Cottage cheese


Oatmeal muffins

Fruit and nut butter

Frozen fruit and dark chocolate

Edamame beans

Homemade banana loaf


Jerky / Billtong

Ice cream

Protein bars

Cream cheese


Have a favourite healthy snack thats not on there?? let us know and we will add it 🙂

Save this and every time you get hungry take a peak and see what you can get.

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