Struggle to keep up your good habits when things start getting busier?

Often you’ll start something and have some good results coming in, enjoying things, a routine is forming and then whack. Everything seems to come at once.

Work picks up

Social calendar starts getting busier

Your to-do list is now a 5 chapter booklet

We often hear this.

So how do we get around this or conquer this?

It’s more important when things are busier, stress is higher, that we do something for us. It plays a big role in how well we cope with it or how we come out the other side of this.

So we wanted to share some tips and things you can look into to help you

Plan – Look, if you know that you have a busy period coming up then plan for it. Either up your game or lower your expectations. An example would be that if you had a busy 2 week period with work and you usually workout 5 times a week, could you just accept that you might not get 5 in but can be happy with 2-3?

If you have the benefit of being able to see when in the year things pick up then use it as an advantage to work harder and less hard as the times allow.

Set targets – We all will have a result we want. When things get busy this gets tested and without a strong vision/result or reason to do it, thats when it can become tricky to stay with it.

Be honest with yourself – If you have had a long day, really long day. And you genuinely think some rest will do you just as good as a workout, then take it. But at the same time, lets make sure we are using our time wisely and in the right areas.

Comparison – If you have someone that keeps you accountable or something then great, but don’t start looking at how much others are doing and be harsh on yourself. Again, be honest with yourself and do what you can, when you can.

Try what we have said above when things get busy and try to keep up momentum. it doesn’t always have to be the same pace, just moving forward is the aim 🙂

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