Here is a post our Nutritionist Shane, shared with our group about time and cooking. Take a read!

Now here I’d just like to have an adult conversation, maybe a conversation which is a little more frank than usual, but all in the name of getting you closer to amazing results!

The proportion of people I’ve worked with in total (The total being literally thousands by the way!), who have GENUINELY not got enough time available to focus on planning their nutrition and cooking beautiful foods…

Is staggeringly small.

There are 168 hours in the week.

Every person in the world actually has the EXACT same amount of time available to them every week.

The only difference is priorities, two very different things.

Let me explain in a little more detail,

When was the last time you said:

‘I don’t have time to go food shopping this week, just going to have to not eat.’

‘I don;t have time to put petrol in the car, can’t go to work this week’


You see what I mean? The above are absolute 100% non-negotiable priorities in most peoples lives.

So you MAKE time for them. You mindfully plan them in BEFORE any impact is made.

The same is absolutely true with your nutrition.

You have 2x piles of tasks every week, from all areas of your life.


Now I’m not saying this is just an overnight easy fix,

But we HAVE to move your nutrition habits from the NEGOTIABLE pile, to the NON NEGOTIABLE pile ASAP.

Am I also saying that I believe everybody should be in the kitchen for 3 hours a night cooking??

Absolutely not.

What I am saying is that if you have half an hour spare every night? Search for 30min healthy meals to fit in perfectly.

If you genuinely don’t have 30 mins available every night on a regular basis? Do you have a couple of hours spare on a Sunday and one of the days mid-week? Could you ring-fence this time to do some batch cooking so that on the evenings you genuinely don’t have time to cook you’re winning regardless??

Using the UK as an example… Only 2% of people claimed that they don’t watch TV at all, with the remainder ranging from 5 hours or less… to the majority of people who claimed watching more than 20 hours per week.


Could you shave off a few hours a week from other tasks like TV… to potentially double the results you’re getting on the nutrition front right now?

Do you honestly have NO time at all to work on this area? Or is it more likely that you’re not prioritising it as much as other areas in the weekly calendar right now?

A lot of people in my opinion simply get into the habit of telling themselves things like not having enough time,

When in reality,

30mins a night = 3.5 hours a week cooking.

Which = literally 2% of the time you have available to you out of 168 hours this week.

Worth a thought?

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