I wan’ it all, i wan it now!

I want this, i want that, I’m gonna do this, then do this and start that…..

Then 6 months down the line, your in the same space.

Something i have come across a lot lately is that people are aware of what they want, they want this, they want that.

I am guilty of this myself sometimes, so i know exactly where you are coming from.

The big question,and most important question is…. are you willing to put the work in, the time, the effort to get this.

And the answer often is no.

Whether that is through a excuse or just being totally honest with yourself and saying, you know what, actually i am not going to put the time in to get this.

Crazy right?
people can sometimes lie to them selves to make themselves feel better!
I want this, really bad, i need to do it, i just can’t be arsed, or i am to busy.

Ok, i get it, busy is hard.

But as long as there are children, work, events then you are always going to be busy?

Or wait until your retired in your 60’s then have a good go at doing something you have wanted for the last 40 years.

Ive been guilty of wanting things, but actually realising i am not willing to put the effort in which frustrates me sometimes.

The only way i could get around this was…

To just do it myself

Or get a coach.

I tried it by myself. It went ok, kind of.

Then I got a coach.

It has saved me time,money, planning,worry, stress. And funny enough the results come a lot quicker, and continue to.

How long have you been wanting something?

How long have you been saying I need to do this, but then don’t do anything about it?

You can’t have anything unless your willing to work for it, put in the effort, make the commitment, make the time.

There is just a simple question you need to ask yourself and this will give you the answer,if your honest with yourself that is.

Do i want this, like seriously?
Am i honestly willing to work hard for and dedicate time to make myself get the changes i want?

If it is a no then thats fine, thats your decision.

If it is a yes and you want help, to be shown how to change your mindset, the foods you eat,how to exercise, a plan made for you to move forward…. Then just click here.

There is only one thing ever holding you back and its you.

We live in a world where it seems important to make sure we have all the materialistic things, but yet forget about the one thing that matters more than money can buy, and that is you.


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