Is technology ruining your body?

human-skeleton-walking-pasieka JSPT

Its no doubt you will see someone today walking around with their head down and phone out in front of them.

Everyday you will notice it, or even sometimes bump into them as they can’t even see where they are going!

It doesn’t matter to be honest whether they grasp it with 2 hands or 1.

The problem here is that as you know the body is all connected. We all know about the song,’ the foot bones connected to the…’ and so on.

So when we walk around, everything in our bodies is moving from one piece to another. Everything from your big toe put to your skull will move when you walk… I mean everything.

If you walking upright, looking straight forward at eye level then there’s a good chance everything will feel relieved and just get chance to articulate and move well.

Now, imagine your ribs and spine. Each time you walk, you will bend to the left, bend to the right, bend backwards, bend forwards, and rotate both ways.

When your head is down looking at your screen and your arms are out in front you holding onto the phone, or whatever it may be. What chance has your spine and ribs got to go through all the bending, rotating it needs to?

Walking is massively under rated in my opinion as its just so good for your bodies. But can you see how trying to do something positive and good for your bodies can actually be causing it more problems?

Now, imagine if you walk to the gym on your phone and go to lift big weights straight away. Your body is already not able to move as it would like, then will given the task to lift.

Maybe a 1% change in rotation could end up getting you the PB you have been aiming for but never hit it…. Just saying 🙂

Try it, stand up, look straight forward and try bending and rotating. Then give it a go with head down and arms out in front holding something.

Even just standing still can be tougher, now imagine that with every step you walk?

My challenge for you is simple… keep your phone in your pocket Or if your walking pop in some handsfree head phones to talk.

Resist the urge to look at it until you can stop or sit down….. I dare you!

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