Yep, its that time of year.

The time of year when Tomorrow all of a sudden becomes everyone’s favourite day of the week.

Im Really committed, I am ready to change… But not yet, i’ll start after the new year.

Look, the 1st of January is just a date. There is nothing special about it other than people hype themselves up for a big change.

The question I always ask people who want Personal Training in Deeside is why not now? If the need and desire for change is so great, how come it can wait?

Things will always get in the way, FACT. No matter what date is your magical date to start, there will always be something popping up to throw it off.

When is there only ever the chance to start something without being disturbed, interrupted, distracted?

Right now.

Yes its tough to find the motivation, the energy and drive but you need to have your reason why as to why you are doing this.

Ask yourself these 3 things…

What do I want?
Why do I want that?
Is it important?

At the end of those questions, you should then ask yourself whats stopping me from doing anything about it?

The usual answers?

Time, money, childcare, busy, work, Christmas, just not yet, not in the right frame of mind, ill have more commitment come the new year.

The only real answer?…. You.

You are the only thing stoping yourself from getting what you want. But most of the time we cover that up by using the excuses above.

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you want.

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Ok well heres a great chance to get some great some results…. Nah, ill pass, ill see you in January

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