Protein shakes….

Its a multi billion pound industry the supplement world that at some point in our lives we have all probably donated to.

Question… Has it given you back what you wanted?

Theres lots of buzz words in the health and fitness industry, but protein is up there.

I even went to buy a yogurt yesterday and one was just covered with the blurb… “ 20g of protein”

Not that it tastes nice and is better than some of the other choices, just the fact it had 20 g of protein in it.

Now of course, i know athletes use supplements and i am not here to say there bad.

What i am going to try to do is question your thoughts, and help you.

We always see the man/lady with the body to die for who’s had a shake, and being honest thats why most buy protein shakes/drinks.

Now… drinking protein shakes isnt going to get you that body FACT.

The average Protein drink will contain around 250-350 calories. ( I’m not a big fan of counting calories, but i think this will show it easier)

Some protein powders range from 150 calories all the way to 1200 and more!

Not only this, there jam packed full of sugars to the taste they have.

Some have a whole days recommended sugar intake in 1 shake.

Again if this fits with what you are doing then fine.

But what happens if your just trying what seems to be working for everyone else?

Just having a shake after training because of what you have heard.

Its a huge misconception.

Not your fault of course, you see someone in shape, you try what they do, it makes sense.

But can you see how trying to lose weight, get in shape and having this drink as part of your routine could actually be holding you back.

I know of people in the past who have tried to lose weight, been having more of these drinks which have been making them put on weight but don’t understand as they think these should be helping.

The other issue is having something like this, and then treating yourself because you have been good. Then obviously its 2 treats really, with double sugars and calories.

My question to you….

Are you getting results you want from having these shakes?

Can you honestly answer right now, why you are taking them or what they are going to do for you?

Is your food and exercise spot on enough to be using these?

TO keep things simple….

Obviously to lose weight then you need to be in a deficit with your stats day to day.

If your having ‘healthy’ drinks after a workout then are these the thing that are actually undoing all the good?

Different protein powders have different macro counts. So some will be higher in sugars, calories etc so please be aware of this.

If you can take anything from this then do these….

Make sure you know yourself why you are using them.

Understand that drinking protein doesn’t give you a 6 pack.

Research what ever you are using.

Ask for help…. if you want help just ask.

Want some help with your food choices or want to see if what you are doing is right ?

Then great, send me a message at and ill review it and give you some tips.

You are different from everyone else…. so don’t just use something someone else is getting results with, research it.

OR ask 🙂

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