A quick, but very important post when it comes to losing weight …
If you are using body weight as part of gauging of progress along your journey,
REMEMBER- There are MANY factors affecting your weight loss hourly daily and weekly:

-Foods which take longer to digest will hang around in your digestive system longer?
-Dehydration/ fluid balance?
-Depletion & replenishment of carbohydrate stores in the muscle tissue and liver?
-Salt intakes/ increase in fluid retention?
-Muscle mass increase/ decrease?
-Fat loss/ gain?
-Amount of foods consumed daily (Total weight)
-Amount within the final parts of digestion (A less glam area if you get me!)

…and many more areas.

Now we know that your WEIGHT is affected by so many different factors,
Let’s all understand that weighing yourself daily will not help you with usable information at all.

What we would recommend is keeping a log of your weight once a week.
Take your measurement first thing in the morning, BEFORE food and drink, and AFTER having gone to the toilet (Glam post right?? Haha).

This will help lower the effects of any of those variable.
The important information is the AVERAGE over the MONTH, or at least 4 weeks worth of weigh-ins.

Here’s what the ideal looks like:

WEEK 1 = Loss of 1lb
WEEK 2 = Loss of 1lb
WEEK 3 = Loss of 1lb
WEEK 4 = Loss of 1lb

But here is what the REALITY looks like more often than not:
WEEK 1 = Maintenance.
WEEK 2 = 2lb Loss
WEEK 3 = Maintenance
WEEK 4 = 2lb Loss
In reality, you stayed consistent every week over the month with your nutrition and exercise,
But say you were SUPER hydrated on week 1, and had a lot of food sat in your digestive tract taking a little longer than normal to process when you weighed yourself week 3…

You STILL lost 1lb a week of body fat by sticking to your -500cal deficit per day, or -3500cal per week,
But the scales show slightly different.

Take a step back, and understand that your body weight can and most likely will fluctuate for many reasons.

The AVERAGE over a MONTH at least is the important data we need,
Not living a rollercoaster life happy, then sad, then happy, then sad each week you have a fluctuation, it’s a completely normal thing, and very much part and parcel of the process.

Consistency is key.

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