Covid has caused many of us to suffer with some level of anxiety, taking some by surprise too and others to work harder at keeping it at bay!

Symptoms of anxiety manifest in many ways…
• Worry
• Distress
• Fear
• Restlessness
• Heart Palpitations 
• Irritability 
Anxiety is usually brought on through the anticipation of a stressful situation. From severe, mild or moderate symptoms. With Covid these could be…
• Being furloughed
• Not seeing family
• Working on the front line
• Working from home
Everybody’s story is individually and equally as important to the individual.
But what can we do to lessen the symptoms and help reduce the build up?
• Take deep breaths
• Practice mindfulness
• Work on relaxation techniques 
• Exercise
We all know how to take deep breaths, relax and practice mindfulness. Also, we know that lifestyle changes and reducing putting ourselves at risk will ease any anxiety buildups. What else can we do?
Regular exercise will help depression and anxiety. Exercise releases the feel good endorphins and other natural brain chemicals that enhance your sense of well-being.
• Moving the body decreases muscle tension 
• Raising the heart rate changes the brain 
   chemistry increasing good hormones. 
Find out what exercises you enjoy and also suits you and do it repeatedly helping build up a resilience and work on building up the heart rate too. When possible get outside, proving even further to lower stress and anxiety.

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