I see it all the time with people from Deeside trying to lose weight.

People busting their arse off in the gyms, 7 days a week, sweating it out, and not getting results.

No change.


Not a bean.

‘ But your exercising right?’

‘ God yeah, like 60 minutes a day, 7 times a week. I am really trying’

This is the typical cover up story.

Im not into the BS Motivational picture its 80% nutrition, 20% exercise.

Its a equal balance.

Everything in life needs a balance, even takeaways and beer:) – yep thats true.

We have people on our programs who come to every session, work their arse off but still don’t get the results they expect.

We have also had people turn up to 2 x 30 minute workouts a week ( sometimes less) and get huge results.

Exercise is not the cover up for foods. ( sorry)

You need to get the balance right to the point where you enjoy exercise and know your food choices and habits are under control.

And by that i don’t mean eating salads 24/7, i mean having good habits and food choices were you can still enjoy yourself.

Its often the case where it is almost a psychological reward for the brain and mind.

Well if i do exercise, that means i can just have this and its ok.

Trying to persuade the brain that your back on track and everything is ok.

This is why we fall into spirals and cycles and it gets tough to get out of.

Are you doing this?

Exercising really well, and not putting the effort into the other important factors?

Exercising is vital and very important but not unless the foods back it up.

Be honest with yourself, don’t hide the facts that are ultimately going to hold you back.

Find something that
1. works for you
2. you enjoy
3. is maintable

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