It’s known as the month to start things, usually based around health and fitness.

But unfortunately its also a time when fad diets, unsustainable eating habits, clubs, shakes, pills will have their best month.

Its easy to take advantage of someone who has just decided to make a change and offer them something thats easy but really really good for them as a healthy active lifestyle – Sigh 🙁

The advice that you are going to get is not gospel, it is something you should notice, and then go and search yourself to see the truth behind it.

So, here is what should be avoided/not started up/ or bought this January….

1.Diet pill’s / fat burning pill’s / weight loss pill’s
2.Celebrity diets
3.Meal replacement shakes for weight loss
4.Low calorie restricted diets
6.Low carb – unless you know exactly what you doing, why your doing it and how to do it
8.Joining a gym you don’t like
9.Banning yourself 100% from things you enjoy
10.Eating low fat foods
11.Drinking low sugar/ 0 sugar or DIET drinks
12.Swapping foods for points

These are often what people will do and the same reason why people won’t stick to it.

It needs to be something that is simple to do, enjoyable and most importantly maintainable!

If you want help with any of the above or want more info why not to buy low fat foods and diet drinks then drop us a message 🙂

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