Its a huge goal for any girl.

Not to just get married, but to look and feel confident on their biggest day.

To enjoy looking back over photos in years to come and remembering the day with families and friends.

Its also the time for some, when trying diets, workouts becomes their number 1 interest.

The detox pack gets bought, the gym memberships are renewed and your all systems go.

1 week in your loving the health and fitness life.

The ‘diet’ you have started is working wonders.

You feel better and your full of positivity.

2-3 weeks in, results have slowed, you have lost that spark you had at the start and it becomes a little frustrating.

2 months in its all gone to pot.

It either hasn’t worked or it is just to difficult.


Here is how to beat the plateau, to avoid the falling off the wagon, and also the secrets you need to follow to getting the results you want.

1- Make a plan. I don’t mean map out every single day. Just know what it is you need to be doing, how often, how long and when. Work out what you are going to use, start or do. Then… either get a buddy, a coach or a partner to hold you accountable.

2- Do not overwhelm yourself, this is the biggest way to failure. Telling yourself you have to get this done right now because you are running out of time, trying to every single gym class going, this is going to burn you out, make it hard work and drain all your focus.

3 – Do your own research and decide for you, don’t by the internet and do exactly what it says. Decide for yourself what is right, there is lots of conflicting advice out there, so make your own decision and ask when needed.

4- Remember your WHY – if you have a big enough reason why you are doing this, then this is going to keep you focused, motivated and on track longer. Imagine how much more results the person who wants to feel confident in their selves on their big days gets, rather than someone who want to lose a few lbs?

5 -Look – Your going to lose at some point. Just accept it now. It will happen, you will slip, you’ll hate it, you’ll have takeaways, its part of life, just DO NOT beat yourself up. Accept it, acknowledge it, and then make sure your on track the next day.

If you follow these points then you are not going to go far wrong when you start your journey to your big day 🙂

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