What and who is a personal trainer

Exercise, more exercise, training, workouts, whatever.

Some PT’s are purely that, and thats fine.

They give you exercises to do.

However for me, its a lot lot more than that.

Yes theres the exercise part, but theres so much involved to get the ultimate results with clients.

Understanding them.

Always having a open ear, no matter what

Taking on other peoples issues and situations

Being there for them

Motivating them both during exercise and there life outside the door

Answering there questions

Helping them have a good nights sleep

Helping their families through them

Theres loads of things behind the scenes that people don’t see.

Over the years I and my team have picked people up for sessions, been part of their social life, gone to the doctors to pick prescriptions up, sat in hospital with them, kept them on a positive.

A personal trainer who can look at all areas of life, discover the reason why you are here, re ignite your fire and get you the results you are willing to work for.

If your personal trainer is committed, and you are committed then look forward to life changing results.


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